This is the showcase of Jesse Bolk. I am a 21 year old Industrial Design student at Eindhoven University of Technology. This showcase is about my work, projects and my growth during my Bachelor's program.

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In society I see a lot of trends in autonomous driving, digitalization and globalization. These are terms that really have similarities; they make the world smaller and make things easier. For me it is a goal to show this in my designs and in the functions of my product and solutions. I want to help people all over the world in making things easier than it was before, and make people enjoy things more than they did before. I want to make people proud of their belongings, just by designing industrial products. Adjust products to people their lives. This is definitely my goal in my designs.

I think Industrial Designers can play an important role in innovation and technological development. They can understand different aspects of design and research processes and combine these different aspects to an outcome that makes sense. They are the connection between technology and the user.

In my final bachelor project, I have worked for Daimler. In this project I wanted to involve my vision, with the emphasis on letting people comfortable with their belongings, and adjusting the products to the people.

I want to adjust products to people their lives and make the world smaller than it was


I am a twenty-one-year-old Industrial Design student at the Eindhoven University of Technology. As a designer I take the leading role in project. I can keep the overview and make sure tasks will be done in time, and in an appropriate way. I am a communicative person with passion for design and technological development. I am eager to learn, and do not hesitate to ask questions when I want to understand something I am interested in. I like to work in a multidisciplinary team and keep track on the process as a whole.

I have a predilection for technology and mobility, particularly cars. I have done multiple projects in Smart Mobility, e.g. for Inalfa Roof Systems and Daimler, and joined University Racing Eindhoven in my second year of my bachelor Industrial Design.


Design Project B2.1

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Research Project B2.2

Inalfa Roof Systems
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University Racing Eindhoven

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Design Innovation Methods B2.2

Årbeat Radio
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Basic Formgiving Skills B3.2

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Internship B3.1

Branding Agency | Gewest13
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Final Bachelor Project B3.2

Daimler | Dashed
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Please click a competence to see my development, the dashed line is the goal for the Bachelor's program

All my competences are developed! Now we can take a look at the future..


In the near future I want to get my Industrial Design bachelor's degree. In the bachelor’s program I experienced that I was interested in project management during the projects. Especially in projects that were focused on different disciplines (with people from different faculties). I often took on the leading role, and made sure tasks were carried out in a proper way.

I want to do my master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. The master is Innovation Management at Eindhoven University of Technology. I have to do a pre-master for half a year, before I can do the master. In Industrial Design the focus is on practical learning and self-deployment and creativity. I think this is a really steady basis for every master, as well for the master Innovation Management.

I want to continue my own company in web design, web development, graphic design and product design. I am challenging myself to learn new techniques and approaches of projects, especially in the field of development, there is the highest potential these days. I want to continue challenging myself in the future, to develop myself into a better designer.

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